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Chicago Wk 13 D1 - Long Run 16 miles

There’s a local running group that meets up on Sundays in the next town over.  It’s pretty close to the area I always run, just the other side of the highway.  I’ve never made it to any of the group runs because they start at 7am and well, I love my sleep.  However I really liked the idea of aid stations set up every two miles so I wouldn’t have to worry about making sure I had enough water, dropping bottles etc.

There was a pretty large turnout, roughly 30 people.  The course was an 8 mile out and back route so everyone could run whatever distance they needed.  The turns were well marked with flags and the aid stations were exactly every 2 miles.  And they were glorious cooler jugs with COLD water.  The route was hilly but I ran the entire way, stopping only at the aid stations.  Since I didn’t bring any water with me, I did stop at each one both directions.  At mile 7 I could hear someone closing in on me but he wasn’t able to catch me. I may or may not have picked up the pace slightly :).  There was a massive hill at about mile 13.4 that I just didn’t have it in me to run up. 

I tested out fueling by taking 2 Gatorade chews at the start, one at mile 4, one at mile 6, and then at mile 12 I took a GU gel.  Didn’t have get any side stitches so I think I found my products.

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Chicago Wk 12 D6 & D7

I didn’t get a chance to post my run yesterday so here’s a two-fer:

Friday - 5 miles easy pace:


This run was the light bulb moment that went off and I thought “this is what the Hansons book was referring to when they said they are training us to run the last 16 miles of the marathon, not the first 16”.  My legs were heavy and fatigued but I still felt strong.  Not strong like I could run 26.2 strong but I felt good.

This morning was 8 miles easy pace and the weather was low 70’s and felt AMAZING.  


Tomorrow is my 2nd attempt at the 16 miler.  Fingers crossed this one goes better than last week!

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Chicago Wk 12 D5

Tonight was my tempo run - 9 miles plus warm up/cool down for a total of 11 miles.  I was angry about this run.  I didn’t want to do it.  Like screaming toddler didn’t want to do it. 


I am beyond sick and tired of how hilly Kansas City is.  There isn’t a flat stretch of road longer than half a mile.  Hills day in and day out really are starting to wear on me mentally. 

Once I got past the first two miles, things seemed to come easier this run.  Don’t get me wrong, I still stopped to rest. A lot. But I waited until mile 2 to take a few sips of water and was able to almost stretch the 16 oz. bottle the whole way.  I did drink a lot of water this afternoon so that probably helped. I felt stronger than I have since last Saturday’s 8 mile run.


I definitely took advantage of the downhills when I had them.  For the most part I was able to keep the majority of the miles around the 8:58 range.  I’ll take that as a successful run.

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Chicago Wk 12 D3

This late heat wave that has been hovering over Kansas City the past week or so has really made running a struggle.  Tonight the heat seemed to break just a bit and dipped under 90 degrees when I took off on my run around 7pm.

As a first time marathoner I probably shouldn’t be altering the Hansons training plan but it’s hard to come by any 1-2 mile stretches of road that are fairly flat.  I’m going to have to keep searching for some but for tonight my goal was to treat this as a tempo run.  I was aiming for under 9:00 minute pace:

I’m pretty happy to see most of my paces starting with an 8 instead of a 9. The 1st mile I tried racing the flat portion and taking it easy on the incline but quickly decided just to go with the tempo run. Mile 3 had a pretty steep incline followed closely by a long slow incline.  Those long slow inclines zap my energy more than a hard effort up the steep inclines.

Any experienced marathoners want to sound off on the idea of switching out the Tuesday speed/strength runs for an extra tempo run?  So it would be a 6 mile tempo on Tuesday, rest day Wed, and then the normal long tempo run on Thursday. 

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Chicago Wk 12 D2
Garmin sync is not cooperating tonight so you get a screen shot of my watch.
7 balmy miles at 5:45am and 84 degrees. I’ll be curious to see if my pace improves once the cooler weather gets here.


Chicago Wk 12 D2

Garmin sync is not cooperating tonight so you get a screen shot of my watch.

7 balmy miles at 5:45am and 84 degrees. I’ll be curious to see if my pace improves once the cooler weather gets here.


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Random 9 Questions

I was tagged by elkay723 for the 9 random questions game.  I always feel a little awkward with these things as I don’t feel like I’m very interesting.

Rule1: Always post the rules. Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 9 new ones. Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to the post Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them

Here are the questions:

1- Favorite post-run indulgence - I have a major sweet tooth so probably a frosted sugar cookie.

2- If you are skipping out on a run, what are you most likely doing? I’m pretty good at sticking to a training schedule but if I have to miss a run due to weather or injury then I’m probably sitting on my couch scrolling through Tumblr, FB or Pinterest.

3- Dream race(s) - Chicago Marathon!  I’m so happy the lottery worked in my favor this year!

4- What is your favorite sports team, professional or college? College would be Iowa Hawkeye football and pro team would be the Kansas City Chiefs.  There really is no better fan experience than a packed stadium at Arrowhead. Preferably when they are playing against the Raiders or Broncos.

5- If money was no object, what’s your ultimate vacation? Any place warm and tropical on a beach! I’m not picky.

6- What is the one movie or tv show that you cannot turn off, no matter how many times you have seen it? Movie would be a tie between When Harry Met Sally or Sweet Home Alabama.  My tv seems to only have one channel and that’s Bravo. And Bravo seems to really like the Jason Bourne movies every Sat. night it seems. 

7- What was your first car? 1977 Ford Maverick - ugliest car on the planet but it was my first taste of freedom! 

8- What is the best advice you have ever gotten? Choose wisely, treat kindly (Dr Laura)

9- If you didn’t have to work for a living, how would you spend your time? Running, traveling and maybe flipping houses.  I love taking an outdated space and giving it a new look. 

I’m not good at these things or at tagging people to play along so if you want to post 9 random things about yourself you can tag yourself for me :)


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Chicago Wk 12 D1

Long run fail.  Today was supposed to be 16 miles but due to poor preparation on my part, I barely made 10 miles. 

Yes it was fairly warm at the start of the run (81 real feel 83) but my down fall was not enough water.  I dropped a bottle at what I thought would be my halfway point prior to starting this run.  Then for whatever reason, I took my handheld bottle which only holds 12 oz.  instead of a full 16 oz. water bottle to take with me on my run.  Then I even ran by water fountains AND my stashed bottle and it never popped into my brain that maybe I should top off my handheld as I had already been taking drinks.  By the time I did think of it I was too far past so I did my best to try to conserve what water I had left hoping I could stretch it out until I looped back.  Nope.


By this time the sun was out in full force driving the temp to 88 with real feel 93.  I was cooked.  I finally gave up at 9.5 miles and started walking.

I finally got to my stashed water and it was still partly frozen so the water was ice cold.  Pure heaven!  As I continued on walking the remaining 2.5 miles back home, I managed to run another half mile so I could at least end today at 10 miles.


What I learned from today:

- No going out the night before.  Too many adult beverages and too much greasy food didn’t fair well this morning.

- On hot days, get up early enough I start my run at the 6-6:30am range.  Today I started my run around 8:30-8:45.

- Always bring or stash more water than I think I’ll need.

- Plan / drive my route ahead of time. 16 miles is a long way to go with only a vague idea of what route I’ll be taking.

Since I ran 10 today, I’m going to just swap with next Sunday’s schedule and I’ll attempt the 16 again next week.

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Chicago Wk 11 D7

8 miles easy pace. Even though it was high 80’s out this morning this run didn’t feel too bad. Still stopped a lot for water breaks but overall I’m pretty happy with this one.

Was even happier when Scott drove up with some cold water at the 7.5 mile mark.

It’s important that you refuel with the proper ratio of protein and carbs.

Time to watch the Chiefs - Vikings game!

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