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Chicago Wk 15 D7

6 miles - easy pace. Ummm yeah. I was on the struggle bus today and couldn’t seem to get off of it. I haven’t synced with Garmin yet but it was 54 some minutes. It required multiple stops. Maybe it was the temp/humidity or maybe it was the late night of beer consumption. Most likely a combo platter.

Tomorrow is my last 16 mile long run. A littler nervous how this one will go.

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Chicago Wk 15 D6 - 12 miles tempo??

12 miles was the plan.  It felt much hotter than it really was probably because of the humidity.  Got to love fall in the Midwest, one day it’s 60 degrees and the next almost 80.  This run started off pretty good.  It was hilly but didn’t feel like too bad an effort.  About mile 7 I could feel the wheels slowly starting to come off.  By mile 8 I was out of water and my breathing was so labored from the humidity that I knew there was no way I was going to make 12.  At this point, I was only concerned with making it back home and drinking water. 

Of course imagine my surprise when I saved my run and saw my average pace at 8:53!

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Chicago Wk 15 D3 / D4

Work has been a beast the past few weeks.  One girl quit and her replacement started this week which is great.  Except we are so overloaded with projects due yesterday no one has time to really train her.  I’ve been putting in a lot of early mornings and some weekends and still can’t seem to catch a break.

So I’ve been running just not according to schedule between work and the weather.

Monday - off.  Weather was crappy. I was worn out from work.

Tuesday - 6 miles / 52:06 / 8:41 pace.  Treated this as a tempo run and spent the whole run thinking of race strategies.

Wednesday - 6 miles easy pace / 54:45 / 9:08 pace.  Easy runs are really quite hard to run at a slower pace.  I really have a very small window between my easy pace and my race pace.

I kind of feel like I’m running in place and going nowhere these next 2 weeks until taper week.  I’m thankful we are on the homestretch.

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Chicago Wk 15 D1

Yesterday I was supposed to run 8 miles but it didn’t happen.  Taking the extra day off made it that much harder to get motivated to get out the door this morning.  I’m not sure which I’m looking more forward to; the marathon race or the two weeks off for recovery after the race. 

I decided maybe running with music would help.  It took a few miles but I finally settled into the run and my motivation started coming back.

I’d post my splits but some reason the Nike+ app didn’t register whenever I paused the app so the paces are all out of whack.

27 days!



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Chicago Wk 14 D6

I left work at 3pm with every intention to get in my 11 mile tempo run.  It was misting rain which I thought I’d have to scrap this run but around 4:30 the rain let up.  It was grey, damp, cold and windy but I got it done!  I am so stoked with this one.  With the hills here I know I’ll never come close to even splits so I just ran fast when I could to help counter the uphills.

Those miles around 8:30 pace is what I’ve been working for all summer.  Nice to finally see some payoff.  I know 54 is supposed to be the ideal running temp for most people but by the end of this run my legs were numb from the cold. 

On my way back I ran by the local high school.  Friday night football was in full swing.  They were playing Kenny Chesney’s “Boys of Fall” over the loud speaker and I just had to smile.

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Chicago Wk 14 Days…???

This week has been a bit of a blur.  My dog’s *ahem* intestinal issues came back and there went another $100.  This time the dog is back on antibiotics for 30 days and special hypoallergenic dog food to test out if this is a sudden onset food allergy.  I’ve dropped $400 since the beginning of August on this dog.  That’s money that could pay for my hotel for Chicago.

Another girl quit at work and the new girl doesn’t start until Monday so I’ve been putting in extra hours all week to try to just stay afloat. 

Monday - 5 miles / 45;25 / 9:05 avg pace

Tuesday - Rest (decided I’d rather not run in 95 degrees when I could run the next day when it was 64)

Wednesday - 6 miles / 52:32 / 8:45 avg pace.  Felt like I finally did a strength run.  Pretty happy with my splits:

Thurs - worked till 7:30 tonight.  It’s cold (50’s cold to me), dark and damp and I just got done working a 12 hour day.  I’m not an elite runner so not beating myself up over missing this one.

My company closes at 4pm on Fridays so I think for these last few weeks of training I’m going to swap the Thursday 10 mile tempo runs (12 with wu/cd)  with the Friday easy runs so I have more daylight to run in. 

Officially hit the 30 day countdown!

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